Police in Hindi Films.

If you have seen any good hindi films, then you probably know the following,

(1) If the hero of the film is not a cop, then the police will always arrive when 100 goons have been thrashed to a pulp single handedly by the hero.

(2) If the hero of the film is a cop, then no policeman not even the hero, will be able to prevent something bad from happening usually to his mother/sister etc.

(3) The hero, even if  he is a cop, is allowed to keep outrageous hairstyles.

(4) The commisioner has no authority if the hero is a cop.

(5) The other cops (except our hero) are very dumb and satisfied to wield stupid looking pistols or even more stupid looking batons.


Bollywood Economics.

OK. So I was just having dinner and like any normal Indian family we were conveniently placed in front of the TV while we were stuffing ourselves with the food.

‘Trishul’ the famous Sanjeev Kumar,  Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor starrer was the fare of the day. The movie was a huge hit in its day and still is listed amongst the best films of Bollywood. Anyways, the movie was almost over, last 20 minutes or so.

Here’s what was happening, emotions were high, Amitabh’s legs even higher, as he kicked the crap out of Prem Chopra’s goons. What good 70’s movie doesnt have a great action scene in the last 30 minutes? It’s like the cherry topping on a beautiful cake.

Suddenly, Amitabh is tamed by the goons, so is Shashi Kapoor. They are both then tied to 2 pillars (in the middle of no where) The pillars like so many props cant be explained. So, the heroes are tied up. A white haired Sanjeev Kumar walks in with a suitcase. Prem Chopra the eternally comical villain smiles on. The suitcase obviously contains the dough necessary for Prem Chopra and his goons to buy those outrageous costumes and caps. So Prem Chopra is all smiles.

The background score is all serious, the tables have turned on the heroes, the villain has the upper hand now. And then it happened, Prem Chopra approaches Sanjeev Kumar, and wickedly asks him a question, “Poore 5 Lakh hain na?”.

‘Poore 5 Lakh’??????

That means exactly 2.5 Lakh for Amitabh and Shashi Kapoor each????

I almost choke on my food hearing the funny ransom amount. My parents look at me and tell me 5 lakhs was a big amount then.

A thought suddenly strikes me. Why dont they have some sort of a note/disclaimer on screen during the broadcasts? You know something like, “The figure is unadjusted for inflation.” or like, “5 Lakh is equivalent to 5 Crores after the adjustment for inflation.”

How will our kids know the real worth of money if it isn’t adjusted for inflation??

I mean 5 lakh is still a big amount, but not really ransom worthy.

Movie: Sholay. Gabbar Singh asks “Kitna inaam rakhi hai yeh sarkar hum pe?” The aide answers “50 Hazaar.”

’50 hazaar’????

I think kids will say, wow, thats like 2 iPods dad!!!


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